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Do you have sciatic pain in San Diego CA? Sciatica is one of the most common problems that bring people into the emergency room in San Diego and is one problem that goes untreated too often. A common way that the ER treats sciatica this with prescription pain killers but that's not a treatment at all so the issue is destined to return. UTC Chiropractic is here to teach you what it is and how to safely and effectively treat the cause. After reading this article, you will be able to make an educated choice when it comes to your sciatica and how you want to "treat" it or treat it.

There are a lot of people that wonder how you know if you have a sciatic issue and then there are a lot of people that will search the internet and think they have sciatica and don't know what to do. Patients that are truly suffering from sciatic pain often feel sharp, shooting, burning pains down the back of their leg. Typically there is only pain in one leg but it is possible to experience it in both legs. The pain is usually caused by sitting, standing, lifting or lying improperly. The pain is likely to be a pain that comes and goes. A person can experience flare ups within hours, days, months and even years.

The Cause of Sciatic Pain in San Diego CA

The cause of the sciatic pain is usually found within the lumbar, sacral or pelvic area. At UTC Chiropractic in San Diego we will perform an extensive exam and take x-rays to localize the true source of your pain. Following our exam and x-rays we will review our findings with you so you understand exactly what is going on and why. We find that during the exams, most of our patients say they were picking up a child, putting on their pants, or getting out of a chair and suddenly felt an unbearable pain that almost caused them to fall to the floor. Because these are such easy tasks, usually there is confusion as to why such a task would cause so much pain.  For this exact reason we are educating you now.

This problem that you are dealing with has likely been worsening over years and making the right movement at the right time "woke a sleeping bear".  It is common to see patients after the second, third, or even fourth occurrence of this kind of pain and every time the pain is worse than the last. The truth is that your pain will continue this pattern until you will likely kill off the nerve and then have impaired leg movement.

Because most people wait so long to seek proper treatment it can take time to correct the issue. Unfortunately there is no magic number to answer the question "how long will it take to fix?". Treatment time depends on a number of variables including but not limited to: the individual person, their current health status, how severe the cause, weight and muscle tone. Regardless of the variables, there is one that is the same for every person, the longer to wait to get care, the longer it will take to correct.

In the United States there are a terrifying number of people that receive back surgery to try to resolve this issue and even worse is the low success rate for surgery. Back surgery has been estimated to be 15% effective within five years. That means that within a five-year period if you are part of the 15% that had any success, you are likely to have to get surgery again. We believe that results like that is just not good enough for you.

UTC Chiropractic Can Help

When you come to receive care at UTC Chiropractic, as I have previously stated, we will perform an extensive exam. This exam includes discussing your health history, the history of your current condition, orthopedic testing, and range of motion testing. Following the exam, we will take x-rays to see exactly what your pelvis and spine look like. This gives us valuable tools called listings. Listings are what the doctor uses to know exactly how and where to adjust in your spine to properly correct the problem in the quickest way. After taking and analyzing the x-rays, you will learn some exercises to strengthen the integrity of the musculature. This is important because we want to relax and retrain the muscles that are likely to be contributing to your condition.

All of this lets the doctor know exactly what you need and makes your care personalized to your needs.

If you have sciatic pain come visit UTC Chiropractic in San Diego CA and you will be more than just a number on a chart. Come to receive your no-obligation consultation and get back to your life.


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